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There are lots of goodies for you here. And an awful lot of them have never been seen or heard before.

They are classics, in every sense of the word.
The authors are amongst the greatest DM minds the industry has ever seen.

Giants, one and all. We will not see their like

I will be adding more audio and video selections, as I find them - so please remember
to return to the Archive page regularly for more gems.

To purchase any of the items, couldn’t be
simpler. Just click on the appropriate selection
and add it to the basket. When you have
finished, follow the payment instructions.

Payment is by Paypal only.

Any issues please email me immediately.

Special Offer DVD Bundle

Two of my DVD’s for the price of one. Yes, buy my two DVD’s for the incredible price of £20, €25 or $30, plus postage.

How to write copy that really sells’ – and ‘How to use the enormous power of words to make your sales letters connect, influence and SELL’ - the latter taken from my DM Masterclass in Cape Town, South Africa, in front of a sell-out audience

Together they deliver well over 2 hours of great advice and top tips on how to make your copy work harder. Both DVD’s are full of good, bad and award-winning examples of copy from
around the world.

Audio Tapes

David Ogilvy ‘A Conversation About Advertising’ BUY NOW
‘The Hathaway Shirt Story’ BUY NOW
Murray Raphel ‘I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter’ BUY NOW
‘Quest To Be Best’ BUY NOW
‘Bringing 'em Back Alive’ – 1990 BUY NOW
Drayton Bird ‘Secrets of Writing Drop Dead Copy’ - 199? BUY NOW
Herschell Gordon Lewis ‘Comparative Advertising’ – 1992 BUY NOW
‘Copy Tips 2001’ BUY NOW
‘Powerhouse Letters Are Easy To Write’ BUY NOW
Andy Owen ‘Ice Cream to Eskimos’ - BBC Radio 4 BUY NOW
‘Direct Mail Replaced By Email?
– Don’t Make Me Laugh’ – Brussels 2012
James Rosenfield ‘It's Time To Bury The Dead Concept’ – 1990 BUY NOW
‘Look As We Leap’ – 1994 BUY NOW
Lester Wunderman ‘The Future Of Direct Marketing’ – 199? BUY NOW
Ray Jutkins Great Creative Ideas’ – 1990 BUY NOW

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