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Copywriting Training

How good is your marketing copy?

Could your letters, emails, websites, ads and brochures be a lot better than they are now?

The answer is almost certainly 'yes'. Especially if you have a number of
youngsters in your team. In the main, they struggle to understand copy
- and the immense power of words.

Every single day, I see valuable budget wasted on costly campaigns that
just don't work, mainly because the copy is so poor.

As I have mentioned before on this site, pretty pictures don't sell. It's
words that do the selling. Yet, very few marketers know how to write effectively anymore.

Professional Direct Marketing Copywriter

Everyone uses words. But only the professional copywriter knows how to
use the right words.

Words that connect.

Words that make people do positive things.

Words that SELL...

Using the right words can turn an underperforming campaign into a real
winner. It's been proven thousands of times.

So, why not let me come in and run a half-day in-house copy workshop for
your marketing team? It's such a simple process and not expensive.

But I know you and your team will find it extremely valuable.

Download the copywriting session overview here to see how
comprehensive the workshop would be. I can also included samples of
your work, to be gently critiqued as part of the session, to add even more

Let's face it, in these very tough times, you will want your copy to work as
hard as possible.

I can help you do that.

I have over 30 years' experience of writing campaigns for clients at the
very highest level - and in 3 continents. Please have a look around this
website and check the testimonials for yourself.

If you're interested to have a chat about this, please drop me a short email
and I'll be in touch with further information.

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