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Andy Owen Hall of Fame

Andy Owen DMA 'Hall of Famer'...

Andy Owen was inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall Of Fame in
February 2015.

Here is his story, in brief.

Andy has been in the direct marketing industry for 31 years.

He will tell you that he ‘stumbled’ into the business, not really knowing much about it at the time. He first ran a mailing and fulfilment house for 4 years, becoming a board director, then left to set up his own DM agency - DMO.

DMO (The Direct Marketing Organisation), was one of the leading specialist direct marketing agencies in the UK at that time. After nearly 10 years, Andy then’morfed’ that company into Andy Owen & Associates, a highly- rated DM consultancy with International clients.

Following 16 very successful years, Andy turned AO & A into Andy Owen Copy & Creative - in his own words - “probably my last piece of corporate cosmetics”. He is Chairman & MD.

All of the companies mentioned have one thing in common. They have provided clients all over the world, the very finest copy, creative and strategic advice in direct marketing for over three decades.

Andy created 'The Targeting Database' in the 90's, which was the very first ‘list of lists’ database in the UK, to allow clients to evaluate and select the correct mailing lists for their direct mail campaigns. He won a top industry award for this product.

Andy was also honoured by the Russian DMA in 2007 and named 'Russian Direct Marketer Of The Year'. Andy commented at the time "Not bad for a boy from Birmingham, England. I think they only gave it to me because they couldn’t understand what I was saying".

Andy is a hugely respected direct marketer. He is now recognised as one of the top copywriters in the world - and was recently called 'The Grand Master Of Copy'. His very popular Copycat articles are now regularly read by 10,000 key figures in the communications industry.

One of Andy’s letters for Barclaycard is included in the book ‘The World's Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters’, compiled by DM copy guru Herschell Gordon Lewis.

He travels over 100,000 miles a year, presenting full-day direct marketing Masterclasses, plus Seminars and Workshops. He has presented in 30 countries to date, including keynote speaker duties at many marketing conferences.

Andy has worked with - and advised - some of the world's leading companies and corporations. And still does.

He writes copy and campaigns every day. He has no plans to slow down or retire…

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