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How I Can Help You

I offer proven copy and creative expertise and techniques to ensure your direct marketing campaign messages are delivered effectively.

You may be surprised to know for example, how really simple changes to
copy and creative can often transform the performance of any ad, letter,
email, website page, insert - or anything else for that matter.

There are many stories in our business of how simple changes in the
headline of an advertisement, or a slight rewording of key copy in a direct
mail letter or email, or the correct re-siting of a couple of images - turned
a struggling campaign into a stunning winner.

My experience has given me this understanding. And a few hundred other
little gems, too. I have always studied the business and underpinned
everything I have done, with a test methodology.

Testing is vital. It shows you what works and what doesn’t.

It’s a vital part of the learning process - as is, learning from people who are
better than you. And there are many of them showcased on this website…

Applying this knowledge has been responsible for a number of glittering
successes over the years, including:

A subs pack for Time Out London, produced the biggest response in the company’s history.

A multi media campaign for a Middle East fashion retailer that included the successful launch of a brand new loyalty programme, that’s now the largest of its kind in the region.

A sales letter for a large furniture retailer that created so many customers, the police had to be called to control the crowds.

A letter for Leger Holidays that generated £170,000 in orders

A stunning new branding, plus a complete website, ads, posters, emails and direct mail packs for an electronic cigarette manufacturer.

A range of mailings ads, emails and SMS’s for one of the biggest shopping malls in Dubai that continues to break records after 7 years.

A simple business-to-business mailing to architects and specifiers in the housing market - that actually pulled an unbelievable 50% response.

A complete rewrite of a successful DM pack for The BBC that beat an existing 3-year control by 3.2 to 1

Four years of direct mail, email, ad, insert and carrier sheet expertise for Prospect - a leading current affairs magazine, that continues to deliver stunning results.

A range of mailings, ads, landing pages, emails, POS and much more for a solar panel and alternative heating company, that is creating a significant sales spike.

There are many more like that.

As you can imagine, I’m pretty proud of those. And many like them.

Because, it’s what I do.

I get a real ‘buzz’ when copy I have written and creative I have originated -
for mailings, ads, emails, websites, door drops and inserts - works so well.

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