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Direct Marketing Consultancy

Are you rather disappointed with your company’s overall marketing performance?

Do you feel you should be getting a better return on investment from your
marketing budget, than you are currently getting?

It might be, that you are missing key elements and opportunities. Perhaps
your team is getting stale and disinterested. Maybe you are too close to it all,
to get a clear picture.

If it’s hard for you to put your finger on it, why not call me in, to have a look?
I could spend a day or two with you and your team - and give you a full and honest appraisal of what I have discovered.

I have found over the years, when helping companies of all shapes and sizes, that sometimes, the problem is simple and can be easily addressed.

Other times, it is more difficult.

But, in all cases, the need for understanding of how marketing works and the fundamental nature of it, is vital. This provides an essential platform.

It sounds logical, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. But, a hell of a lot of companies, don’t understand the basics and have to be reminded of them.

Such as, all marketing is now direct marketing. Don’t fight it. Embrace it.

Mass marketing is dead. It will never return. Now, it is all about the power of one. Your customer or prospect now holds all the cards.

Not you. So get used to it.

Not your brand either. Very few people buy brands. They buy benefits and

And certainly, not your mission statement. No one is in the slightest bit
interested in that.

The only way to harness the power of one, is direct marketing. Good direct marketing is an art form. It is also very rare.

My vast experience and expertise over the years is not just enjoyed by UK
and European companies. I have also provided valuable consultancy guidance and assistance in direct marketing, to companies in three other continents too.

That guidance covers all areas of contemporary direct marketing, including:

And much, much more.

The service I offer, is very flexible and can be tailor-made to suit your company and your budgets.

So, if you want your direct and digital campaigns to work a lot harder,
why not contact me?

I don’t bite. Some say, I’m a pretty nice guy.

But more important than all of those things - I deliver.


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